We all remember our big firsts; first steps, first word, first day of school. Well ROVA is paving the way for a brand new first; the first time you fly a drone. With it’s low price point drones are no longer a multi-thousand dollar investment; high quality aerial photography and video are now accessible to everyone. Everyone including Gareth, our resident rookie drone flier. We asked him a few questions about his first ROVA experience; check out his answers below!

So Gareth, have you always been interested in new technology?

I’m not usually on top of most tech trends. But I always enjoy seeing new ways to utilise or innovate the technology we currently have available. As long as it gets us closer and closer to a SciFi-like golden age, I’m all for it!

Is ROVA your first drone? Or are you a seasoned drone enthusiast?

ROVA is the first drone I’ve ever owned. I’ve always been interested in their application, But never really been sold on drones due to their relative size. ROVA changed that.

Glad to hear it! What’s your favourite ROVA feature?

Again, size is a big selling point. I like having something fun like ROVA that I can just pop in my backpack and take anywhere. The high quality video capture is also pretty high on a list of strong points for me.

What’s your favourite photo you’ve ever taken on ROVA?

Actually, it’s a photo I took adventuring with a mate around Sydney to show off our beautiful city. We managed to get the perfect angle, right out the front of Sydney’s Luna Park.

Looking great! If you could take ROVA anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d like to see how ROVA would function on the Kokoda Trail. Having an actually stable tracking video of that place, not some shaky body cam or static film camera footage, would be so amazing.

That sounds awesome. Now, what we all want to know: what was it like flying it for the first time?

Fun. That’s really all I can say. Being able to send that little guy anywhere I wanted in my house was really just a hilariously good time. Well, for me anyway. My cat had concerns about this strange device hovering around!

What is your number one tip for anyone flying ROVA for the first time?

Start simple. Don’t try and take it to Mars straight away. Start with the other end of the room. And use your safety bumpers!

Finally: If you could gift a ROVA to anyone, who would it be and why?

I would totally buy a ROVA for a friend of mine who works in filming and content creation. He’s just about to graduate and is always trying to push what he can achieve with his equipment. I think a ROVA would definitely help him out there. Anyone who even remotely wants to do some filming or photography should have one.