Whether you take them with your phone, digital camera or flying selfie drone like ROVA, selfies are a part of how we show the world who we are. Naturally, you’d want to put your best foot forward (unless thumbface is something you’re going for in which case, you do you boo), so I’ve compiled some top tips to make sure your selfie game is on point and #flawless. Let’s get to it!

1. Let your camera rise up but make your chin stay humble

Great selfies are only as great as the angles you work it with, so sayeth the selfie queen Kim Kardashian. She recommends keeping your chin down and holding the camera high; this will highlight the high points of your face and make your features look super structured and bold. Plus, if you get a cheeky bit of cleavage thrown in there too, are you that mad? You can get that perfect selfie angle with ROVA by adjusting the camera to a -45 degree angle; your Instagram followers will thank me.

2. Pout like your life depends on it

Now, I’m the first to admit that I am not a fan of the duckface. I think it’s overdone and features in too many selfies gone wrong. However, I cannot deny that a slight pout to the lips will bring your cheekbones out in full dramatic force, and I’ve always been one for dramatic flare. It’s also a scientific fact that as cheekbones increase, so does selfie satisfaction. Forget rabbit season, it’s duck(face) season!

3. It’s all about that light

Getting the right lighting for your selfie is crucial. “You want to blow out everything that you don’t want to see and highlight the things you want,” according to Kween Kim. Once you’ve scouted out the right selfie location, make sure to check where your light is coming from; if your only light source is a flickering fluorescent tube light above you, try again. If you can’t go with totally natural light and need a flash, make sure you’re watching out for any excess light (pro tip: hold a piece of paper underneath your face and it will help neutralize the camera flash. Alison Janney does it when shooting West Wing and one should always aspire to be like Alison Janney, so yeah. Do it. ROVA’s LED flashlights are perfect for transitioning from daytime selfie queen to night time selfie vixen.

4. Make sure your camera is A+

You couldn’t give Michaelangelo a box of knock off Crayolas and some scrap paper and expect him to recreate the Sistine Chapel ceiling, right? You need the right tools for the job; that means a camera that delivers in high quality to compliment your selfie prowess. Luckily ROVA’s camera shoots at 12MP and 1080P video, so we’ve got you covered in that department. It wouldn’t do to pull the best selfie pose you’ve ever seen then have your photo taken in potato quality, would it? Don’t worry fam, I’ve got your back.

5. Finally; have some fun!

No one likes a serious face with no life in it. I’ve never understood those serious models who look like they’re having absolutely no fun at all taking selfies; a lil smile never hurt anybody! It will definitely make you stand out against a tide of super serious snaps and it’ll make you snuggly and happy right down to your core. You’ll practically become a kinder surprise, you’ll be so happy and fun on the inside. We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so smile while you still have a head full of teeth. Lets be honest; it’s impossible not to smile when you’re having fun, and ROVA is so much fun you’ll be rivalling the Cheshire Cat.

So there you go! You’ve graduated top of the class with a degree in Selfie-ology and I couldn’t be a prouder teacher.
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